The LCF CSR Expo

Since 2001, the LCF annually holds the LCF CSR Expo, a multi-day event that showcases the best of LCF and CSR in the Philippines through a conference and an exhibition. The event is held every first week of July, following the former president Joseph Estrada's Presidential Proclamation that the first week of July shall be known as "CSR Week".

The LCF CSR Expo brings together the Philippine business community and other sectors to discuss the latest trends, models and practices in CSR, and promote a common framework for action in support of sustainable national development. Past themes adopted by the annual LCF CSR Expos trace the development of CSR in the Philippines:

  • 2001: Manifesto to Support: A Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteerism by the Business Community

  • 2002: Doing Well and Doing Good

  • 2003: Ka-Partner Ka! [Partnership for Peace & Development]

  • 2004: May Bukas ka, Bata [Securing the Future of the Filipino Child]

  • 2005: Beyond Giving [Business Solutions to Social Problems]

  • 2006: Let's Take CSR to Heart [Integrating CSR to the Core Business]

  • 2007: Putting CSR to the Test [Cultivating Shared Values for Business and Society]

  • 2008: CSR is Everyone's Business

  • 2009: Business Unusual: SOS [Skill. Opportunities. Sustainability.]

  • 2010: Synergizing for Change

  • 2011: Taking CSR to New Heights

  • 2012: Transforming the Business of Giving Back

  • 2013: Isang Bansa. Isang Bukas. Sabay sa Pag-unlad.

  • 2014: Commit. Strengthen. Rebuild.

  • 2015: Collaborate. Sustain. Revolutionize.

  • 2016: Co-creating the Future through CSR

The Expo includes a conference and exhibition as its main attractions: the conference being a platform for CSR practitioners to discuss new ideas and trends, address issues and challenges, provide new knowledge and skills, and showcase CSR success stories. The conference is open to all companies and individuals interested in CSR, for a fee inclusive of all meals and conference materials.

The exhibit is open to public and features the CSR work of corporate foundations, corporations, and LCF network/partners from civil society, academe and government.

The LCF CSR Expo presents an excellent opportunity to network with a highly targeted delegate base.

In the previous years, about 500 delegates coming from diverse sectors attend the LCF CSR Expo, from the private sector, business community, civil society, the government and the academe.

Manifesto of Support

A commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteerism by the Business Community



CSR Mandate

Presidential Proclamation 299 (April 27, 2000)

The League of Corporate Foundations having established itself as a key player in the development of a responsible business sector, can best serve as the overall coordinating body to effectively oversee the activities of the Corporate Social Responsibility Week to ensure the meaningful celebration of this event



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